The following information is related to Student Arrivals and COVID-19.



Updated: January 12, 2023



Pre-Departure/Smooth Arrival Orientation – February 2023

We will be hosting Zoom orientations for agent partners, parents and high school students planning on coming to Delta in February to help them understand and feel comfortable with the processes around travel and arrival and getting their stay in Delta off to a great start.

As you are aware, we are currently living alongside of COVID-19.  The following resources and information will be updated regularly and are intended to provide information regarding schools and how they are currently operating, Public Health measures and arrival and quarantine protocols.

For information on Delta Schools and how we are providing a safe and healthy learning environment for students in the era of COVID, please check out the following website.


Delta School District Bulletin Board for updates.


BC Centre for Disease Control tips and advice around COVID-19 and schools.


For community health announcements please see the Government of British Columbia for updates.